This month we have a real treat for you. In honor of hosting Point Break this Saturday, they’ve put together a mix that’s one for the books. These bass driven dudes have been in New York for quite some time and seem to have seen it all. Whether it’s holding down the scene with their Tar & Feathered parties or holed up in their production lab churning out tracks, you can find them staying true to their electronic roots.

Starting out spacey and etherial then transitioning into deep gutting techno, let Arthur and Cory take you on an hour long journey. They’ll bounce from Dario Zenker and Jonas Kopp to letting loose with unrestrained cuts from the likes of Luke Hess and Stenny.

Lastly, make sure to catch them at The Cameo Gallery this weekend as the Brooklyn Bass Residents warm up the night and Point Break hold it down.

RSVP: Brooklyn Bass Presents…After Hours with Point Break


1. October – Empire of Man

2. Dario Zenker – Purple

3. Jonas Kopp – Let’s See

4. A Sagittariun – The Circle Stops Somewhere (MD2 Hard Mix)

5. Bleak-  Down

6. Exos- With The (ruckspin and exos remix)

7. EQD – equalized #3

8. Roman Lindau-Avide

9. Luke Hess-The Way

10. Amir Alexander-Innovation

11. Stenny-Orbital

12. Stephen Brown-Horizontal