Well the last couple weeks between October and November were quite a doozy for NYC. What with Hurricane Sandy blowing through followed by Nor’easter Athena. For the ones that made it to the other side unscathed, it’s a blessing. This mix is meant to lift spirits and hope that the winter ahead is smooth sailing.

I’ve put together a playlist of tasty disco and deep house tracks that have either been discovered recently or have been burning a hole in my CDr case for a while now. Theres something for everyone; whether it’s Kim Ann Foxman’s latest and beautiful Return It or Marvin & Guy’s up for grabs download Deepin’ You.

If your diggin’ what you hear and you’ve got a decent subway line into Brooklyn, come join the Brooklyn Bass Residents as we host this saturday night at Cameo Gallery with Justin Miller (DFA/Have A Killer Time) and our pal, Nooka Jones (Percussion Lab).

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012: Evan Michael November 2012 Podcast:

1. Keytronics Ensemble – Calypso Of House (Keytronics Ensemble original club mix)

2. Death On A Balcony – Night Moves On

3. Nhan Solo – Supervisor

4. Marvin & Guy – Deepin’ You

5. Detroit Swindle – Jick Rames

6. Pachanga Boys – Legs

7. MAM – Sunset Funk

8. The African Dream – Makin’ A Living

9. Kim Ann Foxman – Return It

10. Bicep – Feel It

11. Maxxi Soundsystem – There’s No Love