Forthcoming on Sleazy Beat’s new Block Ops sublabel, is a super deep cut from Auckland City, New Zealand’s Frank Booker. Frank has been at it for some time now, with several releases via Fine Art and Wonderful Noise Records and even co-hosts the ‘Hit It & Quit It” radio show on George FM in his hometown. Starting to get serious in early 2009, he’s quickly churned out choice disco and deep house cuts influenced by the likes of Dam Funk, DJ Day and Kon.

His latest Beat Down & Out EP is utterly addicting. Starting with the slow churning funk of Out West, Mr. Booker leaves you spinning with a familiar sample, kept in time by hard hitting percussion and soft hits from the Rhodes. Sun brings that Detroit flavor, melding party chatter and sparse claps and eventually building to a huge guitar riff climax.

With such solid tracks stuffed in this EP, it’s only a testament to the success Black Ops are going to have in the future. I should also add that the first release, Ben La Desh’s Stop That Groove EP is no less of a heavy hitter as well.


-Evan Michael