How much do I love WOLF music? So much so that I would give my first born child to have all of their releases on vinyl. I’d honor a request for ‘Call Me Maybe’. I’d bang this guy. This love affair is no joke.

Brighton based Wolf Music Recordings is the brainchild of Matthew Neale and Stu “The Wolf” Clark. With their first release in 2008, the bearded duo has never failed to dish out an EP that I didn’t love. The ‘Wolf pack’ maintains a close-knit family vibe and with some of the finest producers in the biz including Maxxi Soundsystem, Bicep, Greymatter, Fantasic Man, James Welsh, Krl and more. There’s no doubt that they’ve exploded as one of the top labels in the scene with their unique blend of soulful 90’s influenced deep house and transformed disco cuts. The label was recently one of five labels nominated as “Best of British: Record Label of the Year” for 2012 by DJ Mag.

DJ/producer Medlar, is a personal favorite of mine, and is no stranger to the label with multiple releases over the years. The shaggy-haired garage king first caught my ear with his Tammy sampled track, ‘Terrell’ imprinted on the 8th release from Wolf in June 2011. It is also featured on one of my favorite compilations, “I Wanna See All My Friends at Once”. His breakthrough track of 2012 (in my eyes) was his remix of Disclosure’s Boiling, which you may have remember from a Brooklyn Bass post a few months back.

Medlar delivers once again on Wolf’s latest and sixteenth release, with a dope trio of sexy originals and one stellar remix by Detroit Swindle. Although every tune on the record is top-notch, the first track might take the cake as my favorite. “The Sun” is truly that, a sunny array of vocals and pleasing piano and percussion, you will melt like chocolate in these sunny rays. Good lord, a-hah! I’m a sucker for these soulful vocals.

Knockard Pearl is definitely more intense with some powerful piano builds shaped around a heavy hitting beat. Some oh-so-sexy claps and high-hat rides come into play alongside the few vocals that take the form of grunts, moans and other unintelligible perfection. Among everything else the sounds of car horns and even birds can be heard adding a little reality to the tune. Next time I’m roaming the streets of NYC in my full-on sweatsuit training for a boxing match like Rocky, this will surely be my soundtrack.

As if things couldn’t get any better, 2012 game changer, Detroit Swindle tackle a remix that somehow gives us an equally fantastic version of this already amazing tune. To be honest I kind of shat my pants a little when I saw these two favorite producers of mine on the same track. Adding an extra little kick and groove, some hot hot builds, and dem CLAPS. This is a dancefloor beauty.

And finally the EP concludes with “Govern”. Another tune with the perfect vibe for a smokey, summer day. At a tender 115bpm, this chill tune incorporates some beautiful gospel vocals alongside a wide range of percussion including some bells, organ and more. I will gladly listen to this in lieu of church.

This release is currently only available on wax, and would make a great addition to any collection. Keep an eye out for that digi coming soon!

In case y’all wanted to get a closer look at the main-man Medlar, here’s a pretty rad vid/interview that you might dig.