I just can’t keep silent about this one. London’s always pleasing Moton Records have been releasing tape looped edits since the 90’s, ranging anywhere from Jazz and Disco to Afrobeat and just leftfield stuff. This time around it’s the reigning champs Dave Jarvis and Darren House behind Diesel Jarvis who are serving up cuts piping hot. Moton’s 33rd release “Nite Dance/Ce Soir/This Man” is absolutely funky complete with slow churning grooviness. Take for example the stand out track, Nite Dance. Essentially it’s Giorgio Moroder’s “Night Drive” but remodeled and fitted to a four/four, hard hitting burner. What kills me is the low brassy bass juxtaposed with slinky orchestration and cowbell on evey hit. All of a sudden the music stops and you get a solo kick keeping time. Absolute brilliance.

-Evan Michael