Oliver Ho (Raudive) in his past has worked on techno, here though is an interesting mix of techno, house and even a little disco influence. The tune here “Traffic” is giant and if you haven’t heard it played out yet, expect it real soon. It might be one of the best tracks released this year. It was released by Running Back.


So “The Click” was leaked onto Boiler Room about 9 months ago but now is officially released by the producers Dark Sky and Breach on Naked Naked. I’m a big fan of both and glad their forms of bass, techno, house and minimal make sense together. Dark Sky is playing Mister Saturday Night in Brooklyn sometime in the next few months. Keep your eyes and ears out for it.


Marco Faraone is this great new emerging tech house producer/DJ from Italy. There’s a hip hop vibe to the main track here called “Changing My Place”. I couldn’t find too much information on this guy besides he grew up listening to hip hop and drum and bass. I can hear the hip hop influence but not the drum and bass so much here. Hopefully we’ll find out more about him soon.


This Canadian is one of my favorite bass/techno producers right now. I’ve been a fan since his release alpha released on Turbo. I still find it a bit surprising that he was in the indie dance group Thunderheist. Maybe that makes him a little funnier. Regardless, “Zero Gravity” is one of my favorite tracks of the moment. Make sure to check it out along with his past releases.