Stephen Brown is back in the spotlight on the techno label Theory, this time collaborating with Ben Sims. The Ben Sims vs. Stephen Brown EP is comprised of two original tracks by Brown and two of Sims’ inventive takes on those tracks. All four are stunning, but the original mix of Polar is the track to focus on here.

“Polar” is the kind of song that you want to get wrapped up in until you can’t quite tell where the beat ends and you begin. Its whispering, sliced-up vocal works to draw you in and then the addictive analog bassline holds you there as it throbs through the length of the song. Each element is distinctly sharp and crucial, but they all melt together to create a sound that is punchy and rhythmic at the same time. The Ben Sims version of the B-side has quite a beat, but a lot of that depth is lost.

Perfect for late nights, Polar provides a very versatile sound; it could work in a techno, deep house, or minimal set. No matter what you’re mixing, this is too good a track to pass up.