Monty Luke is the label manager for Planet E Communications and Carl Craig’s right hand man.  The dude has legit running through his veins.  Our close friends at Tar and Feathered recently hosted him at the 70 N 6th Street in Williamsburg on July 20th with opening duties taken care of by Fahad of Black Market fame and J.D. of Fred P’s Soul People imprint.  The guys at Tar and Feathered brought in tons of extra sound for the party essentially tripling the loft’s system.  The sound was impeccable.


Monty Luke put on a clinic.  Juggling CDJ2000s and vinyl effortlessly, he played house and techno with subtle afro beat influences.  Overheard were Disclosure’s “What’s In Your Head” and Roman Flugel’s “Cookie Dust,” the only tracks I recognized him play the entire night (definitely a good thing).  Watch some video below.

Monty Luke
We’re hosting Tar and Feathered party creators Point Break at Cameo Gallery on Saturday, August 11th.  More info on that here.  Make sure to come check that out, they’re fantastic DJs.