The world is filled with Waifs & Strays. Especially in New York…..

The Belgium house music duo, Waifs & Strays, who share their name with the all-too-dear-to-my-heart idiom just released the ‘Love on Another’ EP on Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom label. The duo, who come together from two different sides of the house music spectrum, had their first release, the single “3am” on Leftroom in 2011. They have since seen releases on Hot Creations, Futureboogie and others, solidifying a spot among the house music elite.

This three-track EP features two originals and one remix by Matt Tolfrey joined by Huxley. Each track in the package is a sweaty dancefloor beauty.

The title track sets the stage nicely. Strong, punchy beats (trademark of the duo) drive the tune, accompanied by an infectious vocal and powerful echoing-drums reminiscent of Phil Collins’ famous solo. Muy bueno.

Waifs & Strays – Love On Another (Original Mix) by Leftroom

“For Awhile”, which carries with it the only remix on the EP, vibes like a techy mind-fuck. A little bit ‘maya-jane-coles-esque’ this track introduces soothing vocals on top of a complicated bassline and ends on a techy high.

Waifs & Strays – For A While (Original Mix) by Leftroom

Huxley & Matt Tolfrey‘s take on “For Awhile” is like heading to the club with a hot girl and she asks if it’s cool if she brings her even-hotter friend along (I’m not sure this metaphor works the other way around). Although the remixers were given with a great track to begin with, the talented duo have added such sexy anticipation to the track. Hot buildups and deepened bass makes it extremely perfect for the late-night dancefloor where the sound is solid (this snippet really doesn’t do it justice).

Waifs & Strays – For A While (Huxley & Matt Tolfrey Remix) by Leftroom

Grab this on Beatport and be sure to catch Matt Tolfrey in NYC on 9.27 at Cielo.